Helps you become a better sports bettor.

Sport betting tips

Sport betting is a game that requires both skill and luck. Skill and knowledge will make a huge difference but having a little luck on your side can also be very beneficial. That main goal for anyone that tries to make money from sport betting, rather than playing for fun, should be to find over value in different odds. What this means is that the gambler should try to find games where the sport book has decided to set an odds that the player thinks is to high compared to the likely outcomes of the game. The best way of finding value is to know a certain league or sport better than those who set the odds for the sport book. For this reason it is best to only play on one or two different sports. If you try to play on too many sports it will become too difficult to keep up to date with all the latest news, injuries and transfers. Below you will be able to find a number of tips that increase your odds of becoming a winning player.

Place your bets at the right time.

Sport books might adjust their odds during the betting period based on how the bets are coming in. Every day players usually bet on the favorite and usually place their bids late. More knowledgeable bettors usually place their bet earlier and are more likely to bet the underdog. It is therefore best to place a bet on the favorite as early as possible and a bet on the underdog as late as possible as this might get you a little better odds than you would otherwise get.

Never gamble under influence

This is something I really shouldn’t have to mention but unfortunately a lot of people gamble when drunk. This is a bad idea. Alcohol and other drugs impairs your decision making and make it much more likely that you loose money. It is not out of the goodness of their hearth that casinos give you free drinks. They do it to keep you at the table and because a drunk player will allow them to win more by making bad gambles.

Bankroll management

If you want to win money over time it is important that you handle your money wisely and in such a way that you have the highest chance of winning money over time. It is very important that you never play with money that you can not afford to loose. If you do you are more likely to commit one of the cardinal sins of gambling, chasing your looses. Chasing your looses is something you should NEVER EVER do.

You should also set a limit for how much money your are allowed to loose each week. This helps prevent that you loose too much of your bankroll during a cold streak. It will also reduce the risk of you going tilt after a few raw deals.

If you are gambling primarily to win than you should try to place a lot of small bets rather than risk to much of your money on a larger bet. Placing a lot of small bets give you higher odds of winning money over time. You should never risk to much of your bankroll on a single bet or have to much of your bankroll at risk at the same time. I recommend never placing a bet worth more than 5% of your bankroll no matter how confident you are. 5% should however only be bet on sure things. Normal bets should not be larger than 1% of your bankroll and you should normally not have more than 25% of your bankroll at play at any given time.

Use the home field advantage to your advantage

A good strategy can often be to bet on the underdogs when they play at home. The home field support can often cause the teams to play more inspired than they normally do and win games against opponents that are a lot stronger teams than they are. You can often get good odds on these games which can give a good pay day but you should still choose which teams you bet on wisely and not just bet on any underdog playing at home.

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