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Sport betting strategy

Using a good strategy is an important part of being a successful gambler. Each gambler have their own strategy that is designed to suit their personality and their unique situations. Different sports and different leagues might as an example require slightly different strategies. All strategies that are successful over time do however have certain criteria in common. Below you will be able to read about the most important elements in a successfully strategy. All these elements should be included in your gambling strategy if you aim to become a successfully winning sports bettor.

Do your homework

The key to being a successful sports bettor is to know the sport you gamble on. You should ideally know the sport and the leagues you are playing on better than those who set the odds at the sport book. By knowing everything there is to know about a sport it will be easier to find games that offer good value for you as a player and then bet on them.


This is related to the point above. You will need to specialize on a single sport (max two) and a limited amounts of leagues. If you don’t it becomes too hard to keep up to date with everything that happens and it is better to know one sport really good than it is to know many so so. Keeping the required skill level to be a successful gambler in regards to several sports is almost impossible. If and when you know one sport very, very well and you are a winning player than you can consider trying to add a second sport. If you do, keep your bet on the second sport small top begin with. If your result from the first sport decline than you should give up the second sport and once again focus all available time on the first sport. If you can keep your winnings up from sport one than you can allow it to take some time to become a winning gambler for sport two as well.

Check for the best odds

Check several sport books to find whom offer the best odds for the bet you want to place and place your bet there. The differences in odds can be rather small but these small differences make a big difference over time. Any advantage you can get should be used. An improvement of only 1-2% might be the difference between being a winning or losing gambler

Learn when you get the best odds

It is not just important to know where you will find the best odds. It is also good to know when you will find the best odds and place your bet than. This is due to the fact that sport books often change their odds based on the betting action and by using this to your advantage you can get a little better odds than you would otherwise get.

Regular run of the mill bettors usually place their bets late and have a tendency to bet on the favorite. Expert tippers often bet early and are much more likely to bet on the underdog. This means that the underdog often will see more action early in the betting period and the favorite near the end of it. What this means is that you should place bets on the favorite early during the betting cycle when most bets are for the underdog and place bets on the underdog late when most players are betting on the favorite. The effect of doing this can be substantial over time.

Maintain your bankroll

One of the most important parts of your gambling strategy should be how you handle your bank roll. This is unfortunately one of the most often overlooked elements needed in a successful sport betting strategy. Bankroll management is all about risk management and by proper bankroll management you can reduce the role luck plays. You should set very clear rules for yourself in regards to how large a part of the bankroll you are allowed to risk on a single bet and how large part you are allowed to have in play at any given time. Make sure you follow the rules you set. The lower part the bankroll you are allowed to use for a single bet the more you will spread the risk.

Good luck developing a winning sport betting strategy.

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