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Liverpool takes on Real Madrid after disheartening defeat

Liverpool has a hard time closing the gap separating it from the leading teams in the English Premier League, but looks like it is finally on the mend. They were lucky to win the last two games with a victory over Queens Park Rangers being the result of goals scored in overtime. The players are highly motivated to win each match, but the offensive lineup doesn’t work as planned and they frequently have to fight an uphill battle as a result of conceding early goals.

liverpoolTonight, they take on the most difficult opponent possible, with Real Madrid traveling to Liverpool for the third match of the Champions League group stage. The hosts are hard pressed to win, after losing the previous match to Basel on the road and barely winning in front of their fans against the mediocre team from Bulgaria. Defensively, they need to tighten the ranks and make sure that they present the visitors from taking an early lead, because it is virtually impossible to come from behind against the Spanish side.

Liverpool scored five goals over the last two games which is encouraging but the fact that out of seven strikers only one has a goal to his name is simply frightening. Their most prolific scorer so far are midfielders, with sterling leading the pack with three goals, followed by Steven Gerrard with two. Sturridge and Balotelli will be used up front, but the two of them are yet to prove their quality the season and will have a hard time at penetrating Real Madrid’s defenses.

Speaking of which, the visitors are the hottest team in the Spanish championship, having won seven games in a row and scoring a massive 32 goals over the span. It is a formidable performance, which includes four victories by 5-0 and 5-1, not to mention the 8-2 thrashing of La Coruna on the road. Overall, Real Madrid is a force to be reckoned with and they will use the same offensive starting formation despite the fact that they play on Anfield road.

Nobody is under the impression that the hosts are favorite to prevail, in fact Liverpool is counting on the underdog status to help them win. makes a very compelling case and gives punters the heads-up for what to expect tonight. Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernandez will spearhead the offensive for Real, but the midfielders are every bit as dangerous.

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