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Juventus tries to extend invincible run in Champions League

Despite their best efforts, opposing teams failed miserably in their attempt of defeating Juventus and this includes games played in all competitions. On the other hand, the Champions League is by far the most difficult one and if the terrorists are going to suffer a defeat in the foreseeable future, this is the most likely place for it to happen. Nevertheless, the Italians are not intimidated by the prospect of facing the finalists and they are confident that they have what it takes to return from Madrid with at least one point.

thesportforumThey have a solid string of results to back up their claims, with the last seven games being old victories and opponents failed to score a single goal over the span. If we go further back, will notice the fact that the Italians are undefeated in exactly 15 games, which is nothing short of impressive. They still have a couple of aging players, but overall the age average is considerably lower than a couple of seasons ago, which clearly shows.

Offensively, they can rely on Tevez and Morata and the Argentinian has been simply spectacular, since being acquired by the Italian club. He managed to score a goal in each game so far, which is a terrific percentage for a striker who rarely found his way to the net. Tevez is most likely to feature in the starting formation and there is no reason for manager Allegri to replace him in the second half, even if the visitors score an early goal.

By comparison, Atletico Madrid is clearly missing a top quality striker after Diego Costa was transferred and his replacements are yet to deliver the expected results. Croatian Mandzukic scored a single goal and Jimenez was not two prolific either, but even so they will probably pair up front as there are not many options for this area. On the bright side, the midfield has constantly exceeded expectations and it were these players who scored most of the goals so far in Primera Division.

The hosts are hard pressed to claim all three points, after suffering a surprising defeat in the opening game of the Champions League. Losing to Olympiakos was wrong on so many levels, that both the players and the fans were stunned by that defeat. Now that the team is in dire need of points and willing to take more chances just to win their first gaming the current campaign, more gaps are expected to appear in their own defensive.

Juventus has a reputation for scoring on counterattack and even though their strikers are not exactly the youngest of all playing in this European competition, they are quick enough to cause problems. Punters are given two choices and the one involving the backing of the home team is not to attractive for a simple reason. The odds are not high enough to justify the risks, while Atletico Madrid is no longer the reliable team that cruised to consecutive victories last season.

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