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Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most popular games to play and to gamble on in North America, Canada, Northern Europe and Russia. This means that there are a lot of action available for anyone who want to gamble on Ice hockey as many sports book wants their cut of this rich market. You can without any trouble find sport books that offer good odds on any mayor hockey league and most of the minors as well. If you want to play on a minor league you might however have to shop around a little more before you find a sport book that offers what you want.

Many sport books will offer special promotions in connection with big events that attracts a lot of gamblers such as the world championships and the Olympics. Some of these promotion only target new players while other are open to all gamblers. Promotions open to new gamblers might be a good opportunity to try a new sport book.

It was once rather easy to bet on international hockey since one or two teams where a lot better than all others. Today the international tournaments are more even as there are about half a dozen of good teams and a whole bunch of up and comers that ever so often catch the top teams of guard. These upsets by the underdogs are common enough to make betting on international ice hockey interesting as well as sometimes frustrating. Most national leagues are also somewhat evenly balanced now offering challenging betting and good odds to those who can predict the upsets.

The key to winning money when gambling on hockey is to know the leagues and teams you are playing on better than the people that set the odds at the sport book. Since it is rather common that underdogs win in hockey it can be very profitable to be able to predict those upsets. To do this a small amount of luck will help but nothing can replace knowledge about the teams, how their style of play suits the opponent, any injuries or personal issues among the players etc etc. The more you know the better is your odds of winning. This is why it is always best to only play on a small selection of games, the selection that is your specialty and that you got the time to know everything about. If you want to win long term when gambling of ice hockey you should only gamble on matches that you think offer a good value. Ie games where you think one or the other team has an higher chance of winning the match than what the odds from the sport book reflects.

It is important to remember that you can never win all your wagers and that it will come times when everything seems to go against you. When this happens it is important to not give up and to not start chasing the looses. If you do you will loose more money. If you want more tips on how you can win more money while gambling on hockey you should check out our tips article.

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