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Goals galore when Valladolid takes on Almeria

At the bottom of Primera Division, seven teams are locked in a fight to avoid relegation and with eight rounds left, virtually anything can happen. Until recently, Betis seemed to be condemned to play in the second division starting in late 2014, but they are back on track. Back-to-back victories have helped close the gap separating them from better placed teams, even though they still sit in the last place.

Valladolid vs AlmeriaAlmeria recently left the quicksands following a stunning victory over Real Sociedad, a team trying to achieve another Champions League berth. Their defensive is simply atrocious and this is the main reason for why the team is fighting hard to stay in the first league. Nothing seems to be going their way when they play on the road, but tonight they face a weak opponent that at least in theory they should be able to dominate.

Valladolid trails them by three points and they are second to last, but the victory on their own Stadium with these them above the relegation area. All they need are three points to tie Almeria for the 16th Pl. and from that point onward anything is possible. Both teams will be chasing a straight victory, because their opponents are pit against much better squads and it is unlikely for them to earn a point.

Dubarbier and Martinez will not be playing for the visiting team, yet none of them represent a threat offensively and the only result of their absence will be an even weaker defense. The hosts need to take advantage of this as they take on Almeria, while preventing the visitors from taking the initiative. It should be easy to establish a stronghold in their own half, but this will expose them to counterattacks.

This is how Almeria scored most of their recent goals, even though the decisive ones against Real Sociedad were scored from penalties. While the visitors could at least in theory accept the possibility of a draw, for Valladolid anything but a victory won’t help. Failing to win points against teams that are also trying to avoid relegation is a disaster, so the hosts will throw everything they’ve got at Almeria.

Strictly from a betting perspective, punters need to choose between backing the hosts to prevail at even odds and wagering on at least three goals to be scored. Both these outcomes are quite possible and even a combination of the two could prove profitable, for those who don’t mind taking higher risks.

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