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Football, confederation football or soccer as it often referred to in the united states, is the most popular game in the world. As such it is also one of the most popular sports to gamble on and it is also the sport that most sport books have their main focus on. American sport books usually offer less soccer than their European counter parts due to the fact that the United states is the one place where soccer is not very popular. American sport books focus more on Basket, baseball, American football and hockey.

Regardless of where you live you should have no trouble finding gambling opportunities on the big international tournaments. Nor on any of the mayor European leagues. Finding gambling opportunity for the minor leagues in Europe and non European leagues can be harder but is usually possible without too much hassle.

Expect most European and many international sport books to offer special promotions during FIFA world cup. It is common with promotions for both new and established clients. The promotions might offer an extra bonus if you make a deposit or offer you a risk free bet where you get your money back if you loose the bet. During the world cup can be a good time to look for a new sport book or to register at additional sport books as the promotions can be better than they usually are for new members.

Being a successful soccer bettor is mainly about discipline and knowledge. Although a little luck never hurt anyone. If you want to become a successful bettor that wins money over time you have to devote time to it. Having a true interest in soccer helps as you will need to read and learn as much as possible about the league and the teams in it.

Knowledge and discipline are only some of the qualities you need to become a successful gambler. You can read more about how to become successful gambler by reading the rest of the articles on this site.

The best way to find good matches to bet on is to be a member of several sport books and compare the odds to see if you find any anomalies. If you choose to place a bet it should be placed where you get the best odds. Every single point you can add to the odds are important over time. There are sites available that will help you find the best odds by displaying the odds of multiple sport books side by side. This can safe you a lot of time. Time you can spend reading and learning even more about the teams and improving your chances to win.

Good luck gambling!

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