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Brazil squad outlook for World Cup 2014

Time is quickly running out for the 36 teams that will participate in the World Cup 2014 and managers are scrambling to get players fit to play. Brazil is the top favorite to lift the trophy for good reasons, as they have home pitch advantage throughout the tournament and a formidable team. Expectations are as high as they get and bookmakers had no hesitations in underpricing the hosts, which makes it very difficult for punters to make an educated decision.

thesportsforumBrazil is not only a perennial favorite to win, but also a somewhat unpredictable team, because quite often they failed to meet high expectations. The best odds right now are not higher than 4.00 and it is hard to believe that they will rise above this psychological threshold as the kickoff draws near. Football fans and punters are tempted to back the hosts and this leads to ever decreasing odds, so there is really no point in waiting for the World Cup 2014 to start, to place your bets.

At a first glance it looks like the hosts have no problem in winning the group stage, playing against the likes of Cameroon, Mexico and Croatia. The Europeans are the most likely to finish second and that’s why the head to head match is of critical importance. It looks like all these three teams will play defensive football against Brazil and hope that one of their strikers will score the decisive goal on counterattack.

Luiz Felipe Scolari is well respected by Brazilians but this doesn’t mean that the South Americans will settle with a mediocre performance. This is the moment that can make or break the veteran manager, so pressure is going to reach critical levels during the elimination stage. Neymar is the player to look for at the World Cup 2014 and he is also credited with the first chance to become the tournament’s top scorer.

Those who bet on the young striker to score the most goals in Brazil will increase their investment 13 times, with the second most likely top scorer being Argentinian Messi. In order for Neymar to meet expectations, he will need his national team to outperform opponents and to make a deep run. Playing the final, will give him opportunities to score, but on the flipside he can expect the other teams to assign at least two players to block him at all times.

The bottom line is that Brazil has an astonishing formation, well capable of winning World Cup 2014, but they should be overestimated. Pressure is high and the opponents are wary of their strength, so none of them will leave their guard down. Draws are the biggest threat for the hosts, because most of their games will look like a 90 min. siege, with opponents defending frantically until the final whistle.

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