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Welcome to the sports forum. The sports forum is a site dedicate to sports and sport betting. Our goal is to help you find the best sport books to place your bet at, no matter which your favorite sport is. We feature basic information about different sports and what to think about when gambling on that particular sport. We also try to provide information about the different types of wagers that are available for different sports and where to find the best odds for various sports. For free sports betting tips we recommend BetPal. Although we primarily focus on sports betting, we have found that many of our visitors, like us, like poker and casino gambling as well and we therefore also provide an introduction on how to find the right poker room and casino online and how to evaluate the different bonuses you are offered from them.

Although Sports Forum is a general sport forum where we try to provide information that is applicable to all sports, we primarily target the sports listed below. The reason for this is simple – they are some of the most popular sports to gamble on and the sports we who manage this site gamble on our self and hence know most about.

Soccer / Association Football

Soccer, or football as it is know in most of the world. It is really only in North America anyone would ever think you referred to any thing but soccer if you simply said football. Football, as I will henceforth be referring to it as, is one of the most popular sports on the planet, perhaps even the most popular, and it is therefore no surprise that it is also one of the most popular sports to place sports bets online on. Soccer is played all over the world but it is primarily the European leagues that are being bet on online. This is partly due to a very large part of the football punters coming from Europe, but also due to these leagues being some of the best in the world. Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A are all popular leages to gamble on world wide. Most sports book also feature gambling opportunities on the smaller European leagues.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey might not be one of the most popular sports in the world if you look at it from a global perspective, but you would’t believe it if you looked at the North American and Northern European betting markets. The game is extremely popular in some of the most affluent areas of the world and a lot of online sports book clients enjoy betting on ice hockey. You will therefore find a lot of betting opportunities during the hockey season. You can usually gamble on the NHL as well as on the bigger European leagues, such as the KHL, SM-Liiga and Elitserien. You will also find plenty of betting options during the world championships and the winter Olympics.

Other popular sports that offer a lot of betting opportunities and that you will find information about on this site include basketball, tennis, golf, horse racing, American football and Nascar.

If you do not already have an account for sports betting, we recommend that you start by reading our information about how to choose a sports book, before proceeding to the article concerning the sport you think you primarily will want to gamble on. That combined should give you everything you need to know to choose a good sports book. Do not be afraid to join several sports books if you want to gamble on several sports and want to make sure you get the bets odds for each bet.

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